New kit!!! – Sk8plate –

Yesterday I picked up my Sk8plate camera dolly system. Essentially it’s a robust, adaptable camera slider/dolly.

I chose a Sk8plate over the competition as I wanted a future-proof system that will work with pretty much any camera (DSLR to Alexa) and can run at any length I choose.

The Sk8plate runs on any width poles, so after going out and buying 2x 1.5m scaffold poles (£16!) I went to a spot to test out the Sk8plate.


Walking to location took 5 minutes from the car and wasn’t much fun with all this kit.

As you can see I’ve used a cheap light stand and my Miller tripod legs to support the Sk8plate and poles. In the future i’ll replace the light stand with something more robust.

Sk8plate with Miller DS10 head.

The Sk8plate uses Manfrotto Super Clamps to hold the poles. It’s a great design.

As you can see, the Sk8plate is very robust and has no problems with my AF101.

The Sk8plate also works as a skater (you can pivot the wheels to make it rotate on smooth flat surfaces), a under-sling and a hi-hat.

Overall I’m really happy with the Sk8plate. It’s not a small or simple slider option, but it’s excellently built/designed and will WAY outlast sliders that cost the same. Moving forward I know this will be an invaluable piece of kit and a great investment. As far as I’m aware I’m currently only 1 of 25-30 people to own one of these. They are built in the UK by a BBC cameraman.

After a few practices I got the shot/move in the bag and made this little moody edit:





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